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Accessibility Assurance™ Program

The Accessibility Assurance™ Program (AAP), available through AFB Consulting, enables us to make our web site(s) more accessible to people with disabilities. Through our participation in the AAP, we will directly engage disabled consumers and solve the problems of web accessibility together.

As an AAP participant, we offer the following three (3) assurances:

1. We will enable consumers with disabilities to use our web site(s) by applying accessible design standards and by providing accessibility-specific "help" features (FAQs, tips, tricks, techniques, etc.).

2. We will enable consumers with disabilities to report website accessibility problems they encounter and will make reasonable efforts to respond to and/or remediate any such problems identified in a timely manner.

3. We will provide opportunities for consumers with disabilities to influence the accessible design of future website enhancements and upgrades.

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Accessibility Assurance™ Program